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Paint Protects Your Property!

In order to have a nice house exterior appearance, there is a need to invest in it. When it comes to investing, it does not need to be so fancy like complete remodeling or renovations, a simple panting job, and its maintenance can do.  

Exterior painting Sterling Heights provides not just that appearance you need for a fresher look, but it also protects your walls from damages caused by external elements like sun, dirt, rainfall, etc. Thus, it can be treated as a long-term investment when it comes to house maintenance.  

The following are the threats to your house’s exterior paint project which you will need to avoid: 


Before you put a painting on a wooden siding or surface, it is important that you initially cat the wood with primer or sealer before painting. You also need to make sure that the coat of sealant is of good quality as it determines the frequency of maintenance and/or repair.  

2.Water leaks 

Water leaks are the most common issue that puts damage on your exterior paint. For the exterior painting project, you can use a waterproofer, like caulk to minimize experiencing this in the future. Moreover, keep an eye for gaps, holes, and other issues on the surface as these are potential surfaces that encourage water leaks.  

3.Mold and Mildew  

When your area always experiences rain, your exterior wall is probably always exposed to dampness. Damp surfaces cater to the breeding demands of mildew and molds. Choosing and purchasing high-quality paint will make sure that you have a layer of protection against water and dampness, reducing the chances of molds and mildew growth.  

Interior Surfaces 

What we mentioned above are essentials to take care of your exterior paint. However, it is also important to take care of your interior paint. The following are the benefits if you also take care of your interior paint: 

It seals surfaces from moisture – kitchen and bathrooms have higher humidity exposure, and by providing a high-quality paint on the walls, you are reducing the gaps and small holes that can be a potential cause of water leaks. By sealing leaks, you are preventing damages to your areas.  

It makes the areas clean and nice – a new paint will remove and hide all the blemishes of your naked wall as well as hide away those dirt, dust, stains, and fingerprints you have on your old wall.  

You will have a healthier, cleaner indoor air – when your walls are exposed to stain, pollutants, molds, and mildew, your indoor air will be more polluted causing some skin rashes, eye reddening, and other respiratory allergies. Likewise, you also need to choose a paint that has low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) to reduce the amount of chemical you inhale in your indoor air.  

Paint, whether inside or outside, is important to make it appear good looking but also to maintain its functionality. By having a high-quality paint and painting job, you will reduce the chances of leaks, molds, mildew, and other issues and damages that a bare and ill-painted wall could have.  

Frequently Asked Questions: Hail Damage Repair

Hailstorm is one of the most avoided and hated whether in the United States. There is no wonder about this. Hailstorms can create significant damage to your property such as your roof, siding, windows, car, landscape, garden, and almost everything it reaches. Not even adding the harm it causes to anyone who can experience it outdoor. This is the very reason why all people are encouraged to stay indoors when there is a coming hailstorm. 

As we mentioned, the most susceptible to damage when it comes to hailstorm is your roof because it is your first line of defense when hailstorm occurs. Detroit roofing needs to be essentially provided with good-quality materials that could withstand force like hailstorm as well as proper installation to make sure it will never get damaged amid hailstorm.  

In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions that are important to answer, which are the following: 

1.Is it necessary to call for service? 

A hailstorm can cause different kinds of damages similar to what storms and hurricanes do like downed trees, damaged fences, damaged roofs, damaged landscape. You may need the help of a professional to fix the ruins it caused.  

2.We got hit by a hailstorm and my roof still looks okay. Do I need to check it for potential damage? 

There are many ways you can have some damages on your roof such as damaged and blocked gutters, mold growth, missing and downgraded shingles, and many more. Unlike the common types of roofing damage, issues that sprung from an experience of hailstorm may not be always visible to the eyes, especially when you have textured roofing materials like architectural or dimensional shingles. The roofing may have dents and holes that cannot be seen due to the intricacy of design. If there are dents and holes, this causes water leakages in your house as well as the growth of molds and mildew.  

3.Can I inspect my roof by myself? 

Many of us would think about doing DIY roofing repairs and check-ups. While some DIYs may work, you cannot guarantee that you will be safe during the whole process. It is recommended that you contact a professional company to provide you check-up and repair services whenever you feel they are damages that your roof experiences. Dong the inspection and repair on your own poses hazard. It is dangerous for the reason that you are dealing with height and slippery surfaces. Also, you may create further damage to the roof.  

4.What happens if I skip roof inspection? 

Small damage and issues such as small holes and dents caused by the hailstorm may develop over time and will cause bigger issues like water leakage, molds, and structural damages that may need extensive repair and induce expenses. It is very important that you maintain your roof by hiring a professional to do regular inspections and damage repairs.  

Your roof is one of the most important structural elements of your home as it provides protection, safety, as well as structure to your house. It demands proper maintenance too. When your place is prone to hailstorms, the more you need for a roofing service.  

Top 5 Threats to Your Brick

There are many things that attract people to bricks, both guests and homeowners alike. These include its natural and classic look, durability compared to other wall materials, and its flexibility when it comes to designs and shapes, and these all, what masonry Rochester Hills provides to their customers. 

Looks Do Not Always Guarantee Quality 

Although bricks can be so good to look at in a glance, looks can still be deceiving, as bricks still fall prey to different elements that cause some structural damage to them. We interviewed some experts in the field and they mentioned that bricks can provide a deceitful look especially to those who do not have the keen eye and knowledge to distinguish old and failing to good quality bricks.  

Typically, high-quality bricks are installed on the front area of the property while the low-quality bricks are installed on the back. In addition to this, most homeowners cover up their bricks through paint to effectively hide imperfections and structural damages. This is bad for two reasons: first, it hides away cracks and damages that may need immediate repair; and second, the paint may contain harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the bricks more.  

In this article, we will share with you five elements that tell your bricks may be failing: 


Cracks can be dangerous especially when they form long cracks in a staircase pattern. They can potentially result in an uneven settling of the foundation when left unattended and unfixed. These cracks may be caused by lintels that have gone rusted and expanded that makes the mortar crack. When this happens, it is important that you fix them by filling the spaces in between. However, when the cracks recur, you may need to check your home’s foundation for damages.  

2.White stains  

The white stains that can be noticed on the bricks’ surface is caused by a salt stain that has been dried. This can be removed by using common cleaning tools like water, soap, and brush. However, if the white stains always recur, this might be a sign of water infiltration, which could cause damage when left unfixed.  

3.Sagging bricks 

If you see some bricks slipping out of their place, this can be caused by a damaged lintel, which provides support to the whole bricks over it. Check the lintels and repair if there are some damages, or better, replace it anew.  

4.Damage caused by water  

Bricks, as materials, are not susceptible to water damage although it has a poor drainage ability, and this makes the water infiltrate especially when spaces in between bricks are present. When this is left unfixed, the bricks will be flaky and protruded causing them to be rusted and weak. Make sure that your bricks have proper ventilation to avoid this to happen.  

5.Crumbling mortar  

Sandy mortar may be common for bricks that are painted. However, if the mortar starts to crumble, which is manifested by cracks and sandy texture, you need to replace your mortar as it will cause the whole brick wall to collapse. Replacing the mortar can be quite intensive and laborious, thus it is important to call for professional help.  

5 Things from Your Backyard to Throw Away This Weekend

Since the COVD-19 outbreak, we are forced to live within our houses and enjoy doing things that do not necessitate going outside and interacting with people, and this is where doing house projects and house maintenance become relevant and fun for us.  

There are different aspects when it comes to doing house projects and maintenance, and these include taking care of your backyard (the only outdoor space you can probably enjoy in these times). In this article, we will be sharing with you one of the ways to keep your backyard organized and clean: throwing irrelevant materials and stuff. 

The Dumpster Rental Sterling Heights can help you with the dumps; the rest of the planning and doing are in your hands.  

5 Things from Your Backyard to Throw Away This Weekend 

1.Old paint 

Many homeowners prefer to save and store some paint for future painting projects. However, it is recommended to toss away these old paints to clear some space and organize your backyard. Clear away all deck coatings, interior and exterior paints, primers, repellents, sealers, etc. 


It is not recommended to throw away paints in your garbage can as they contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. Check out Paint Care Org to find locations where you can donate your old paints.  

2.Old or broken gardening tools 

There are homeowners who like to keep old gardening tools for sentimental value. However, experts would recommend that tossing away old equipment do not just clear some space, but also improve the curb appeal.  


If you have some metal material, it is recommended that you put them in a recycling bin.  

3.Broken ornaments and statues 

There is a certain aura and ambiance that old statues and ornaments provide in your backyard. However, if they are overly broken with a missing head, and provides a messier look, it is better to get rid of them completely.  


If the statues and ornaments are severely broken, toss them in the bin by pieces. However, if they are still in decent shape, you can clean them and find a place to donate.  

4.Containers and Golden Pots 

It is understandable to have an urge to consistently repair your flower pots and garden containers. However, it is probably the right time for you to replace them with new ones and completely discard them especially when you already have used them for several years.  

5.Dying grass 

There is nothing worse than having a yellowish grass on your backyard as it destroys the overall curb appeal of the property. If you notice that your grass, whether synthetic or real, has faded away, it is now a perfect time for a replacement. 


If you want to avoid frequent and regular maintenance, you can opt for artificial turf on your backyard. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many things you can get rid of in order to make your backyard organized and clean, so long as you think it is old, unusable, and not-that-important, it is better to toss them away properly or donate them to those who are in need.  

5 Commonly Believed Myths About Pressure Washing

Cleaning surfaces with difficult stain and dirt is exhausting work for some people, and this is where pressure washing plays its role in making it efficient and convenient. Pressure washing is a method of cleaning and using water at an incredibly high speed, which creates the pressure strong enough to remove difficult stains and dirt. The method may use pressure washer Rochester Hills, any washer available in the market, or any type of washer that cleaning companies use.  

Although pressure washer has been commonly used in both residential and commercial cleaning purposes, there are still commonly believed myths about it that you need to know, and those are the things that we will be sharing with you in this article.  

5 Commonly Believed Myths About Pressure Washing 

1.All pressure washers function the same, so choose the cheapest one 

Not all pressure washer machines are the same, and not all cleaning companies provide the best cleaning output and quality service. There are many factors to be considered when you want to buy your own equipment or hire a cleaning company, and these include quality, durability, and efficiency of the equipment. Although opting for the cheapest one could be practical, it is better to avoid frequent repair costs in the future. 

2.You can DIY a pressure washing project 

Pressure washers use highly pressurized water that may cause accidents and damages if not used properly. Although it is still probable to learn how to use the pressure washer on your own, it is still highly recommended that you let the professionals do the job to avoid accidents and damages to the property you are cleaning.  

3.Pressure washing is an easy cleaning method 

This myth is closely related to myth no. 2. Pressure washing is, generally, a difficult job to do especially it involves deciding which nozzle fits the project, working with electricity, choosing the intensity of pressure, handling the pressure, etc. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to do the job.  

4.You use pressure washer only if it is unavoidable 

A significant number of users believe that pressure washer is an equipment that does not need to be used on a frequent basis; this is a myth. One can always opt to use the equipment and experience its convenience and efficiency as frequently as it needs. So long as you need a speedy method of removing stains and dirt whether for the roof, garage, or driveway cleaning, pressure washing is generally good.  

5.You can use a pressure washer on any surfaces you want 

Although we mentioned that pressure washer is convenient, there are still limitations to it. There are hard surfaces that can still be damaged when you use a pressure washer for cleaning including grooves, laminar sandstone, softwood, and any soft-surfaced materials that easily absorbed water.  


Despite what we mentioned above about pressure washers and the process it involves, this method of cleaning is still very convenient and efficient. Just make sure that you hire a good company that provides the best quality service at a fair price, or if you are planning to buy your own, consider these brands.