5 Commonly Believed Myths About Pressure Washing

Cleaning surfaces with difficult stain and dirt is exhausting work for some people, and this is where pressure washing plays its role in making it efficient and convenient. Pressure washing is a method of cleaning and using water at an incredibly high speed, which creates the pressure strong enough to remove difficult stains and dirt. The method may use pressure washer Rochester Hills, any washer available in the market, or any type of washer that cleaning companies use.  

Although pressure washer has been commonly used in both residential and commercial cleaning purposes, there are still commonly believed myths about it that you need to know, and those are the things that we will be sharing with you in this article.  

5 Commonly Believed Myths About Pressure Washing 

1.All pressure washers function the same, so choose the cheapest one 

Not all pressure washer machines are the same, and not all cleaning companies provide the best cleaning output and quality service. There are many factors to be considered when you want to buy your own equipment or hire a cleaning company, and these include quality, durability, and efficiency of the equipment. Although opting for the cheapest one could be practical, it is better to avoid frequent repair costs in the future. 

2.You can DIY a pressure washing project 

Pressure washers use highly pressurized water that may cause accidents and damages if not used properly. Although it is still probable to learn how to use the pressure washer on your own, it is still highly recommended that you let the professionals do the job to avoid accidents and damages to the property you are cleaning.  

3.Pressure washing is an easy cleaning method 

This myth is closely related to myth no. 2. Pressure washing is, generally, a difficult job to do especially it involves deciding which nozzle fits the project, working with electricity, choosing the intensity of pressure, handling the pressure, etc. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to do the job.  

4.You use pressure washer only if it is unavoidable 

A significant number of users believe that pressure washer is an equipment that does not need to be used on a frequent basis; this is a myth. One can always opt to use the equipment and experience its convenience and efficiency as frequently as it needs. So long as you need a speedy method of removing stains and dirt whether for the roof, garage, or driveway cleaning, pressure washing is generally good.  

5.You can use a pressure washer on any surfaces you want 

Although we mentioned that pressure washer is convenient, there are still limitations to it. There are hard surfaces that can still be damaged when you use a pressure washer for cleaning including grooves, laminar sandstone, softwood, and any soft-surfaced materials that easily absorbed water.  


Despite what we mentioned above about pressure washers and the process it involves, this method of cleaning is still very convenient and efficient. Just make sure that you hire a good company that provides the best quality service at a fair price, or if you are planning to buy your own, consider these brands.